Katheryna is a professional digital content creator with a focus on digital marketing and social media management, and a passion for data visualization.

At Canadian Equality Consulting, Katheryna combines her logical, strategic thinking with her love for creating content to tell impactful stories and make strategic decisions for business growth. Katheryna lends a hand to Yasmin in the digital marketing sphere with hands-on experience in creating infographics, content, social media management, blog creation, email marketing, website maintenance and more.

Katheryna brings her work experience in the government sector and a personal dedication to continuous learning about marketing, communications, data analysis, and DEI work. Katheryna earned her Bachelor’s in Arts in Communication from Simon Fraser University in 2021. Graduating amidst a global pandemic coupled with her time at BCcampus, Katheryna is well-versed in creating accessible materials for online audiences on various platforms.

Katheryna identifies as a cis-gender, heterosexual, non-disabled, Chinese Malaysian woman. Katheryna relocated from Malaysia to Musqueam (Vancouver) in 2017 to pursue higher education. She brings her unique lived perspectives from Southeast Asia and Canada and applies them to everyday life. Outside of work, Katheryna can be found live-streaming, playing video games, reading, and trying out hidden localities.

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