Éloïse, a dedicated advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), holds an Honours Bachelor's degree in International Development and is currently expanding her expertise through a post-grad certificate in the Management of Diversity in Organizations.

Guided by her qualities of empathy and emotional intelligence, she navigates her role as Strategist at CEC with an understanding of the nuanced needs and perspectives of her colleagues and clients. Her commitment to fostering positive, enduring impacts is evident through her holistic and compassionate approach, championing inclusivity and accessibility in her work.

Drawing from her lived experiences, Éloïse offers unique insights into neurodiversity and gender. Having resided abroad, she appreciates the richness of cultural diversity and eagerly leverages her linguistic abilities to support CEC's mission. In her previous role at a business consulting firm post-graduation, Éloïse co-led an initiative supporting colleagues with disabilities nationwide, showcasing her dedication to cultivating an inclusive workplace culture. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is driven by her continuous curiosity for new challenges and learning opportunities.

As a neurodivergent, cisgendered, white female born in Montreal, Éloïse aspires to challenge misconceptions surrounding disability and mental health. Acknowledging her privilege, she aims to empower struggling dyslexic youth to navigate their unique challenges and perspectives. Éloïse loves exploring diverse cuisines, embarking on exciting travel adventures, and staying active through her love for cycling.


GBA+ is a powerful intersectional equity tool that can be applied to any kind of work. We conduct customized GBA+ training and full-scale GBA+ assessments. This tool is a requirement of government but is applicable to all sectors and organizations.

DEI Assessments

A baseline assessment determines your current state of DEI and provides a thorough analysis of your diversity, intersectionality, gaps, risks, challenges and opportunities. Assessments provide you with actionable recommendations to make impactful positive change.

DEI Strategy & Implementation

Using a combination of your organization’s DEI data and industry best practices, we will build a tailored and integrated DEI strategy. We also offer implementation support to ensure you move the dial.