Who We Are

We help build equitable, and inclusive organizations where everyone can thrive.

Canadian Equality Consulting (CEC) is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Consulting firm that helps organizations build the capacity to reflect on, understand, and respond to the rich diversity within our society. It was founded by Marcie Hawranik in 2018 and has grown into a collective network of equity-driven leaders.

CEC is a unique and autonomous social enterprise where we can create our own rules and systems that are flexible, creative, and nimble. CEC is invited into government, companies, non-profits, and universities to courageously innovate and advance equality.

We are a fast-paced and nimble team of dedicated intersectional feminists and DEI experts. We are diverse in lived experiences and all have in-depth expertise in DEI systems, methodologies, processes and design. We are also experts in change management and conflict resolution. We take a collaborative approach to all of our projects and rely on the diverse expertise of our team to ensure we apply an intersectional lens to our work.


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Our Values

Guided by our values, we are a fast-paced and nimble team of dedicated DEI experts that have diverse lived experience and specialize in supporting workplaces to successfully advance DEI. We combine evidence- based research, industry best practices and an intersectional approach with change management and conflict resolution principles to guide you on the path to success.


To be bold and navigate others to success. To build capacity within organizations to hold courageous conversations and to try new things, to recognize what’s not working, not working, uncover root causes, and to lead positive change for all. We strive to be courageous allies and build bridges between divides.


To listen and understand diverse perspectives. We see a common humanity in everyone and recognize that my liberation is not possible without your liberation. We recognize everyone is at a different place in their DEI journey and we meet you where you’re at with empathy for maximum movement and impact. We also have empathy for ourselves and are on our own continuous improvement journey.


To uncover and remove barriers, value diversity, and cultivate inclusivity. To understand the complexity of intersectionality and centre the most minoritized. To integrate anti-racism, anti-ableism, anti-sexism, and anti-homophobic and transphobic elements in our work. To take equitable approaches with our clients by customizing our work to serve them and meet their needs to move the dial.


To consistently innovate, grow and learn, and create new ways to advance inclusion and equality in a multi-faceted sustainable way. We strive to make each space and place we operate in better than when we arrived by utilizing the latest and greatest DEI leading practices.

Benefits at CEC

At CEC, we believe that compensation goes beyond base pay. Our compensation program has been designed to attract new team members, retain current team members and is in alignment with our values and offers flexibility. We also believe strongly in non-monetary compensation, appreciation and generosity through our comprehensive benefits and leave options. We aim to operate with the leanest team possible in order to pay our team equitably, while working to create balanced workloads.

Health and Dental Benefits

All full-time employees are eligible to participate in a Health and Dental Flex Spending Account.

Mental Health Benefits

CEC partners with BetterHelp to provide all employees access to online 24/7 individual or group therapy.

Monthly Office Stipends

Each employee receives a stipend per month for office furniture or supplies.

Training and Development

CEC is committed to your growth and development. We dedicate a budget to support team members who wish to pursue future course work. We also have a budget for full team learning.

Remote Location & Flexible Hours

CEC offers flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home.

Vacation & Equality Weeks

CEC is committed to providing employees with time to rest and rejuvenate. In addition to paid vacation days, we also offer two fully paid Equality Weeks (office closures), wellness days and volunteer days.

Floating Stat Holidays

CEC recognizes, values and celebrates diversity. The traditional stat holidays are floatable at CEC to shift them to holidays that may be more meaningful to you.

Job postings

We are an equal opportunity employer, and we deeply understand the value of bringing together a team with different perspectives, backgrounds, identities and lived experiences. We are committed to building a diverse team and have a clear vision to be an organization where a diverse group of people want to come, stay and do their best work. We highly encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply. We also highly encourage you to reach out to us at any time if you are interested in joining our team! We want to hear from you and would be happy to meet any accommodation needs you may have!