Meet Canada’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Experts

Canadian Equality Consulting (CEC) is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Consulting firm that helps organizations build the capacity to reflect on, understand, and respond to the rich diversity within our society.

CEC is a fast-paced and nimble team of dedicated intersectional feminists and DEI experts. We are diverse in lived experiences and all have in-depth expertise in DEI systems, methodologies, processes and design. We are also experts in change management and conflict resolution. We take a collaborative approach to all of our projects and rely on the diverse expertise of our team to ensure we apply an intersectional lens to our work.

Our Team


We believe in equality. Equality is a world in which all people are equally valued, respected and able to contribute in all of their diversity without barriers. We create workplaces that reflect the diversity of our world, have equitable systems and inclusive cultures where everyone belongs.


We are a values-driven organization. These values guide our interactions with each other and with our clients.

Courage, Empathy, Equity and Creativity


Canadian Equality Consulting (CEC) was founded in 2017 by Marcie Hawranik. CEC was born out of systemic gender inequality lived experiences; from a strong commitment to allyship, reconciliation and justice; and from intersectional gender equality specialized expertise. CEC’s evidence-based and intersectional best practice approaches are designed to make an impact. We partner and co-design projects with our clients to ensure we centre the voices and experiences of those most impacted and most marginalized.


Recognized by the United Nations as a SHE Innovator and the Premier of Alberta for Outstanding Innovation to achieve gender equality.

Recognized by Canadian Business Awards as Most Supportive Workplace Culture Advisory Firm 2023.

Recognized as a Top Canada Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Company in 2022 by Manage HR.

Our Approach

Equality is our outcome. Equity is how we get there.

Guided by our values, we are a fast-paced and nimble team of dedicated DEI experts that have diverse lived experience and specialize in supporting workplaces to successfully advance DEI.
We combine evidence-based research, industry best practices and an intersectional approach with change management and conflict resolution principles to guide you on the path to success.


We never provide an “off-the-shelf" service or product, everything we do is customized to your unique workplace to ensure its effectiveness, impact and success.


We take an intersectional approach in all of our work which includes an examination of a multitude of diverse identity factors including sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, language, disability (visible and invisible), age, location, family status, marital status, income, education, religion, culture, and much more! Our approach considers these layers as well as various intersecting identities and how they overlap to compound privilege, discrimination or oppression.

Change Management

We develop change management and communications plans for our clients to ensure project buy-in and success. We integrate DEI into the values, strategies and priorities of the organization to ensure sustainability and impact.


Access to services and resources in both English and French.