Digital marketing visionary leveraging data insights to craft campaigns that drive brand engagement and growth.

At Canadian Equality Consulting (CEC), Jonathan serves as a Digital Marketing Assistant. With a solid foundation in digital marketing, he is geared to elevate CEC's digital footprint. Harnessing expertise in B2B & B2C marketing, content creation, and SEO, Jonathan is committed to designing initiatives that will amplify CEC's message and broaden its audience. His data-driven approach ensures that every strategy and campaign is targeted and effective.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia in Business Management, Jonathan brings a blend of academic knowledge and hands-on experience to his role. Further bolstered by certifications from Coursera, Skillshop, and Meta, he stands as a well-rounded professional in the digital marketing sphere.

Originating from Nigeria and having embraced Canadian culture for over seven years, Jonathan has found his home in Calgary, Alberta. His multicultural background provides a unique perspective that enriches his approach to digital marketing. Outside of work, he is an avid chess player, reader, and basketball enthusiast. Whether connecting with nature or diving into a compelling movie, Jonathan's diverse interests shape his approach, ensuring his marketing strategies resonate with a wide audience.