Corrin is an experienced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practitioner, approaching DEI work with human resources and change management perspectives. She works to support and guide leaders in building more equitable, welcoming, and inclusive environments.

Corrin became involved in equity work during her time in the tech industry, learning from innovators about challenging the status quo and finding inventive solutions to complex problems. She continues to build on this foundation in her work today, understanding the importance of data-driven decisions and knowing how quantitative insights can be strengthened by creative thinking, compassion, and curiosity.

Corrin holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa and a Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources from The University of Toronto. From her studies she has developed a robust perspective on equity and inclusion work within the frameworks of the employment relationship and organizational change. Corrin uses innovation and out-of-the-box approaches to educate, facilitate, and communicate the important lessons of inclusion work within these contexts.

She spends much of her learning time continuing her education on intersectional feminism, anti-oppression work, and restorative justice. When she’s not working, Corrin can be found riding her bike or browsing the library.