Winnie has over 15 years of experience in delivering digital and culture transformation initiatives and building highly engaged teams in corporate enterprise settings.

Winnie is responsible for leading product development for our Equitable and Inclusive Leader Certification as well as Subscription Services. Plus building out the change management, project management and diversity practice.

Winnie’s experience highlights include supporting lean transformation culture shifts, kick-starting leadership development and coaching programs and cultivating communities of practices. Previously, she built out a Change Enablement practice aimed at enabling teams to embrace changes happening across an organization, setting up a structure and framework to support change management and championed a diversity and inclusion journey for over 400 team members. Winnie is known to be a trusted advisor and coach with a commitment in creating safe spaces for continuous learning and innovation. In 2015, she was awarded TELUS’ Connections Honours Leadership Excellence for Champion of Diversity for her continuous drive and work in supporting women in tech. Currently, Winnie is working towards her Certified Diversity Coach with the Coach Diversity Institute.

Winnie identifies as a cis-gender, heterosexual, non-disabled, Chinese woman.
In her spare time, Winnie loves taking trail hikes with her son, cooking a new dish and spending time with her family.

DEI Assessments

A baseline assessment determines your current state of DEI and provides a thorough intersectional analysis of your diversity, gaps, risks, challenges and opportunities. Assessments provide you with actionable recommendations to make impactful positive change. All of our assessments are conducted using an intersectional DEI lens and change management principles.


GBA+ is a powerful intersectional equity tool that can be applied to any kind of work. GBA+ is an equity tool that helps you to identify who benefits and who may be unintentionally excluded or harmed in your work. We conduct customized GBA+ training and full-scale GBA+ assessments. This tool is a requirement of government but is applicable to all sectors and organizations.

DEI Implementation

Using a combination of your organization’s DEI data and industry best practices, we will build tailored and integrated DEI strategies, frameworks, action plans. To help ensure sustainable change, we also offer implementation support.