Marcie Hawranik is the recipient of the 2018 Alberta Premier’s Award of Excellence for her work to advance gender equality in Alberta. In 2019 she was recognized as a SHE Innovator by UN Women.

Some key projects that Marcie has worked on include:

  • Creating the Alberta Status of Women ministry;
  • Creating and evaluating inclusive public consultations;
  • Designing effective government policies and processes (including parental leave, harassment, recruitment of women in underrepresented fields);
  • Designing, creating and managing a provincial government grant program;
  • Speaking and defending gender equality to a United Nations panel, gender experts from the World Bank and the Canadian House of Commons;
  • Delivering conflict resolution and inclusion tools trainings (including GBA+);
  • Conducting comprehensive Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Assessments for government, non-profits, international NGOs, and the energy sector;
  • Designing, implementing and managing women in leadership resource groups, mentorship programs and various leadership workshops to government, companies and community organizations;
  • Co-Founding Madame Premier, a feminist political apparel company that aims to spark dialogue and amplify awareness on the lack of women in politics (

She is very active in the community and is a member of various non-profit boards.


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