Ivana is a motivated, data-driven diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant with a passion for supporting organizations that are courageous and intentional in their pursuit of social justice.

She has 8+ years of initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change for organizations of all sizes and across various sectors. She believes that practicing empathy, understanding privilege, and embracing conflict in a vulnerable way are the critical gateways to learning to value, engage with, and understand differences, and to building organizations that are unshakeable in their foundation.

She has led several large-scale diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting projects across Canada and the US that have included communications and change management planning, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, DEI strategy design, DEI program implementation, policy and process optimization, and capacity building. Her specialty is getting to the heart of organizational and systemic DEI problems through a customized and intersectional approach and formulating strategies and solutions to resolve them through human centered design.

Ivana holds a BA in Economics from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business (Toronto) and IE Business School (Madrid). When she’s not working, Ivana can usually be found trail running through the mountains or trying a new outdoor sport that can quickly become her newest obsession.

Contact Ivana directly: [email protected]

DEI Assessments

A baseline assessment determines your current state of DEI and provides a thorough analysis of your diversity, intersectionality, gaps, risks, challenges and opportunities. Assessments provide you with actionable recommendations to make impactful positive change.

DEI Strategy & Implementation

Using a combination of your organization’s DEI data and industry best practices, we will build a tailored and integrated DEI strategy. We also offer implementation support to ensure you move the dial.