DEI Strategy & Implementation

Partner with us to design and implement a data-driven DEI strategy, framework and action plan.

Using a combination of your organization’s DEI data and industry best practices, we will build tailored and integrated DEI strategies, frameworks, action plans. To help ensure sustainable change, we also offer implementation support.

  • If you already have results from an DEI survey or consultation session, we can analyze them for you and provide detailed recommendations and an Action Plan for immediate implementation.
  • If you already have an idea on what you would like to do to advance DEI in your organization such as introduce training, revise/create new policies, launch a mentorship or sponsorship program, or start an Employee Resource Group (ERG), etc, we can do the work for you according to evidence-based research, industry best practices and aligned with the priorities and culture of your organization.
  • We can implement any DEI related change that you need to ensure its success, sustainability and its integration into the culture of your organization.
  • We have experience:
    • Creating and chairing DEI committees,
    • Revising and drafting new policies,
    • Designing and conducting meaningful trainings,
    • Designing and launching DEI programming, and
    • Conducting thoughtful evaluations.
  • All of the design and implementation work we conduct is according to systemic design, dispute systems design, equity and inclusion lenses, and change management principles.
  • All projects include an evaluation element to effectively communicate their impacts and equip you with additional evidence to continue advancing DEI in your organization.
Canadian Equality Consulting Projects Utilize: