DEI Training

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training

In-person, live online or online on-demand, we offer a multitude of diversity training customized to your work. Our trainings are evidence-based and informed by best practices and designed to be impactful and sustainable.

Save on the cost of training

You may be eligible for a grant to cover the cost of our program

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant will reimburse companies for 2/3 of eligible training costs for courses that:

are 21 hours in duration or greater
are completed within 52 weeks of the approval date
result in some sort of credential courses must start within six months of the grant application being approved.

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We encourage you to investigate whether your province also has a similar grant.

Training Topics

An asynchronous program designed specifically to support Boards of Directors and aspiring Board Directors in building equity and inclusion into their governance, strategic planning, policy setting, and all other board practices. This is a great program to sign up and complete either as a Board together, or individually. If you complete it together as a Board, you can purchase an add-on for a CEC expert facilitator to lead debrief/discussion sessions with your Board live online or in-person at key points in the program.

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Our Approach


When designing training for entire organizations, we roll-out the training in 3 phases with a change management and communications plan. We begin with senior leaders, board members, HR and the DEI Committee (or relevant ERGs). We then train people managers and provide them with an activity and facilitation guide to effectively debrief the training with their team and action their learnings. We will then provide training to all remaining employees and provide support to people leaders as they facilitate their de-brief sessions.


To ensure sustainability of knowledge and skills, we always include a customized equity tool with every training and provide 3 months of complimentary coaching post-training using “nudge theory.” Coaching nudges can be delivered via e-mail or text and aim to build and sustain knowledge and skills.


We administer a pre-training survey to ensure our training sessions will meet your needs and objectives. We also conduct a post-training survey to evaluate the satisfaction, impact and effectiveness of the training and provide you with a summary report outlining recommendations for next steps to advance your DEI journey.


Access to services and resources in both English and French.