We start by investing time to deeply understand your organization to determine how to customize the training to meet your needs. We aim to connect our courses directly to your mission, vision, values and organizational objectives.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training Workshops

Customized & Actionable

All workshops are customized to your daily work and industry to be easily understood and applied. We include a customized Equity Tool that is immediately actionable post-workshop.

Complimentary Coaching

All workshop participants receive 3-months of complimentary coaching. After each workshop, we conduct an online evaluation and use the data to design an impactful coaching experience based upon nudge theory.

Micro-learning Options

Join our Equality 360 online platform and receive access to a library of high-impact DEI microlearning with downloadable tools, facilitation guides and resources.


All workshops include an official Canadian Equality Certificate of Completion. If you’re interested in more formal certifications, check out our Equitable and Inclusive Leadership Certification.

Our Results


People Trained


Workplaces Transformed


Communities Impacted


An annual subscription to our innovative online platform filled with high-impact DEI microlearning, with customized learning paths for your organization. The subscription helps you build and sustain DEI skills and knowledge over time and ensures you are up-to-date on all the latest DEI news and trends.

Our Approach

The following is our approach for scaling a training workshop to a full organization.

Phase 1

We can provide customized training to senior leaders, HR and Employee Resource Groups. We train this group first to show demonstrated leadership commitment to DEI and to prepare leaders to effectively respond to questions.

Phase II

We then provide training to all people leaders and provide them with a facilitation guide to debrief the trainings with their teams and discuss how to integrate the learnings into their daily work.

Phase III

We will then provide training to the remainder of the organization. We customize the content, examples, materials and case studies to the different types of work to ensure it is relevant for all.

Change Management

On large-scale training projects, we also provide you with all communications and a customized change management plan to increase buy-in, transparency and sustainability.