Gender-Based Analysis Plus

GBA+ is now a requirement for federal and provincial funding and all energy infrastructure projects. Learn how to maximize this powerful tool and introduce it in your organization to produce greater innovation, profitability and satisfaction. Read More

Workplace Assessments

A diversity and equity baseline assessment of your workplace and workforce is completed followed by a customized strategic action plan to catalyze innovation, leadership and high performance in your organization. Read More

Executive Coaching

In the time of Women’s Marches, #MeToo and #TimesUp, we support companies to reduce their business risk by challenging and changing sexual harassment, gender inequality and to create a more productive, effective and equitable working environment for all. Read More

Customized Training

Training is developed and presented to your workplace along with customized materials, tools and templates. Read More

Project Management

We can design, introduce and lead new equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives in your organization to drive innovation, results and ensure sustainability. Examples include the creation of Employee Resource Groups, Mentorship or Sponsorship Programs, integration of an Inclusion & Equity Lens into your workplace, etc… Read More

Research & Grants

We have years of experience working in government designing grant programs and evaluation frameworks, let us help you be successful by writing the applications for you, designing and managing programs for you and/or conducting government relations activities to improve your chance of success. Read More

About Us

We are here to help you innovate, grow and outperform the competition.

From tackling gender, diversity and inclusion related challenges to solving institutional problems; our job is to guide you on the path to success. We guarantee great results and are experts on gender and diversity in the workplace. We are fuelled by our commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied with our work.

We combine evidence-based research and industry experience to help you innovate, grow and outperform the competition. We build company cultures where employees feel they belong and customers are captivated.

We have corporate, non-profit and government expertise to reduce your business risk and position you to become leaders in gender equity, diversity and inclusion.


  • We envision a world where women can go to work free from harassment, discrimination and violence and have the choice to access opportunities to the same degree as others.
  • To create workplaces where women are empowered to fully contribute their brilliance and where they are recognized for their achievements.
  • A workplace that achieves infinite innovation, profitability and success by harnessing the power of inclusion.
  • Equality is our outcome. Equity is how we get there.


  • Courage – to be bold and navigate others to success;
  • Empathy – to listen and understand diverse perspectives, to be an ally and build bridges for sustainable positive change;
  • Equity- to remove barriers, value diversity and encourage inclusivity;
  • Creativity – to constantly innovate, learn and find new ways to harness the incredible powers of diversity.

  • In 2018, our Founder Marcie Hawranik won the Premier of Alberta’s Award of Excellence in Innovation for her work in advancing gender equality throughout the province of Alberta. In 2019, Marcie Hawranik was recognized and awarded by UN Women as a 'SHE Innovator' for her innovative work in advancing gender equality.


    Why Hire Us

    Strengthen Financial Performance

    Increase Leadership Competencies

    Improve Satisfaction and Engagement

    Improve Corporate Reputation

    Lower Rates of Turnover

    Greater Innovation And Creativity




    Teams are 158% more likely to understand target consumers when they have at least one member who represents their target’s gender, race, age, sexual orientation or culture.


    Companies with higher diversity in management earned 38% more of their revenues, on average, from innovative products and services than companies with lower diversity.


    Only 27% of employees say that managers regularly challenge biased language and behaviours when they observe it.


    Over 55% of women in senior leadership positions have experienced sexual harassment in their career, from hearing sexist jokes to being touched in an inappropriately sexual way.