Webinar: The History of Drag

Wed, 7 September 2022 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MST

In this webinar, our speaker will be taking us through a presentation on the history of drag. If you are interested in learning about the creation of modern drag, drag outside of the North American context, and how drag has evolved into how it is today, join us to be a part of the conversation.


Dr. Victoria Bucholtz (She/Her)

Dr. Victoria Bucholtz (She/Her), is a senior strategist and trainer at CEC. She holds a doctorate in History from the University of Calgary, with a cognate field in gender theory.

Victoria is a LGBTQ+ facilitator and currently also teaches at Mount Royal University. She is a transgender rights activist, entertainment producer, and drag queen. An avid mountaineer, skier, and dog mom, she lives in Calgary, Alberta in the Treaty 7 Region.

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