GBA+ Assessments

We can conduct Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) full assessments and capacity building.

How do they work?

Using a customized GBA+ five-step process, we will conduct a full-scale assessment for you on a specific project, policy, process or system. Here are some examples of projects that we have completed assessments on: Recruitment, retention and advancement policies; Return to Office and Hybrid Workplace plans; Service delivery; Mental Health & Wellness in the workplace; Grants and Contributions Programming; Public Infrastructure development; Transit Safety; Community and Public Engagement; Nation-wide projects; and much more.


Our approach to GBA+ is always intersectional. People are complex and in order to fully understand this complexity and to problem-solve, we employ an intersectional and systems-based approach.


GBA+ is a data-driven methodology that is entirely evidence-based to remove subjectivity and bias as much as possible. Our approach often includes surveying, qualitative interviews or focus groups, document reviews and comparative analysis.


Everything we do is collaborative, transparent and documented. This ensures that we build your GBA+ capacity as we move through the project. You will receive our customized GBA+ methodology tailored to your organization as well as a succinct final report outlining every step, finding and recommendation.


We can support you to build your own internal GBA+ capacity by setting up the necessary GBA+ infrastructure you need to be successful, following the Government of Canada model to ensure compliance.

Needs Assessment

We begin by assessing the current level of GBA+ maturity in your organization through a consultative and policy review process.

Policy & Roadmap

We then co-create a meaningful GBA+ Statement of Commitment, Policy and Roadmap to embed GBA+ into your organization’s DNA.

Pilot & Roll-out

We will create customized training, tools and an evaluation framework to pilot GBA+ across several projects to inform the strategy and change management plan for broad roll-out.

Our Results


people trained


workplaces transformed


communities impacted