Webinar: Transforming Your Workplace with Inclusive Leadership

July 27, 2022 – 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM MST

Join our free webinar. At Canadian Equality Consulting, we believe in the importance of fostering an inclusive culture. We do so by transforming our leadership styles to be Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)-focused and generating a sense of belonging for all. In this month’s webinar, we will hear from our internal DEI practitioners about exploring different competencies and expectations of an inclusive leader. We will also discuss what it’s like to build an equity-centered organization. Join us to learn more about nurturing an inclusive workplace as a crucial part of your DEI journey.


Anisha Phillips – Anisha is an experienced DEI consultant and subject matter expert, who supports clients in building sustainable solutions to barriers faced by those who are marginalized, and ultimately scale DEI across their organization. As a Lead DEI Strategist with CEC, Anisha provides strategic DEI advice, qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, DEI training, and change management, to guide organizations in making data informed and human centered decisions, with intersectionality foundational in every stage. As a trainer, Anisha leads DEI related training and development for CEC clients. When doing so, she supports participants to listen in the spirit of empathy and unlearning, to collaborate with the intent of building bridges, and participate from a place of vulnerability.

Marcie Hawranik – Marcie is the Founder and President of Canadian Equality Consulting; a company that supports workplaces to increase their diversity, build equitable systems, processes and policies, as well as creates inclusive cultures where all people in their full diversity can thrive. She has a master’s degree in international conflict resolution from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, a bachelor’s degree in political studies, and extensive experience in gender analysis, DEI methodology and framework development, diversity and inclusion, policy and program development, and stakeholder engagement.

Destiny Udoh – At CEC, Destiny works as a Strategist where she is responsible for research, report analyses, client consultations, and other qualitative assessments In 2022, Destiny is graduating university where she has obtained education in Human Resources, Psychology, and Gender and Women’s Studies. In terms of extracurriculars, Destiny has learned a lot through her engagement in her university’s Black Students Association where she played a large role in their mentorship program. She has also worked for other non-profit organizations where she gained the experience of working with individuals across several different demographics, and discussing issues pertaining to educational leadership, overcoming gender-based stereotypes, and understanding emotional intelligence.

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