Allyship & Organizational Transformation

Course 4 of 4 in the Equitable and Inclusive Leadership Certification Program

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Module 1 - Data and Reporting Best Practices

Learn how to develop KPIs, use internationally recognized metrics, and understand the checklist for reporting on DEI in sustainability/CSR reports. Examine disaggregated data and how it ties into intersectionality.

Module 2 - Transforming Your Workplace & Systemic Change Management

Combining the key learnings from your coursework, learn how to leverage all the knowledge and skills to lead and champion change, transform your workplace culture and become a recognized DEI leader. This includes how to achieve buy-in, align your initiatives with change management and systems design principles and how to create meaningful and sustainable DEI initiatives in your workplace.
Learn a leading intersectional transformative equity tool that can be applied to ANY type of work in ANY sector. Learn what it is, how to use it, how to customize it to your work, and practice it. This tool has the power to transform your work to become equitable and inclusive and shift your workplace culture for the better. The Equity Tool incorporates knowledge and skills from previous courses and is a tangible tool and process to implement change.

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