Privilege, Oppression and Biases

Course 2 of 4 in the Equitable and Inclusive Leadership Certification Program

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Module 1 - Power and Privilege

Uncover your personal privilege, detect it in others and in your organization. Recognize how privilege is fundamental to understanding and implementing DEI work and learn how to leverage this knowledge into tangible allyship (personal and organizational allyship).

Module 2 - Bias and Bias Awareness

Examine your personal and organizational biases and learn how to combat them in this course. Learn all about explicit biases vs implicit biases, micro-aggressions, the most common types of biases, the neuroscience behind them, and exactly how you can become bias aware and combat them on a daily basis.

Module 3 - Microaggressions, Discrimination and Oppression

Learn and understand how microaggressions (behaviours and statements) are and why it occurs, rooted from discrimination and oppression. Explore the impacts of microaggressions at work. Discover ways to build a more inclusive workplace by minimizing the occurrence of microaggressions and learn when and how to respond to microaggressions.

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