The Globe and Mail – Research shows women of different ethnicities rarely work together to address workplace inequity

This article is published in The Globe and Mail.

DEI consultant and strategist, Anisha Phillips, emphasizes the persistent divide between white women and women of colour in professional settings. Drawing from her extensive work at Canadian Equality Consulting, Phillips notes the deep-seated issues of trust and historical legacies that continue to influence present-day interactions.

Phillips states, “The separation between white women and women of colour is not just surface-level. It’s rooted in historical legacies with present-day implications.” She further adds, “The challenge lies not just in acknowledging the issue but in facing it head-on, without defensiveness.”

On the topic of unity and collaboration, Phillips suggests, “Creating safe spaces outside the workplace, where women from diverse backgrounds can share and learn, is a step towards bridging the divide.”

“The fact that these divisions still persist in 2023 is a testament to the work that lies ahead,” remarks Phillips.


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