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Gender-Based Analysis Plus

We are Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) experts. GBA+ is a requirement for federal and provincial funding, grant projects and research proposals. Learn how to maximize this powerful tool and introduce it in your organization to produce greater innovation, profitability and satisfaction.

We customize our GBA+ training to meet your needs and to apply directly to your work and sector. Our training is interactive, focuses on implementation and provides you with physical tools to guide your analysis in your work.

GBA+ Training topics include: What is GBA+?, The importance of GBA+ for me and my work; Diverse population groups and identity factors; Associated GBA+ terminology and language; GBA+ implementation; Monitoring and tracking effectiveness; Evaluation; Communicating and Reporting on GBA+; and, Successfully integrating GBA+ into your organization’s culture.

We can do the GBA+ analysis for your entire organization or a specific project. A GBA+ analysis can be applied to any project and can include an energy infrastructure impact assessment on “sex, gender, and other identity factors” as per Bill C-69.

Let us do this assessment for you to ensure success and peace of mind.

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