Launching ‘Insights’ Contributors

Canadian Equality Consulting is pleased to launch several international contributors to our Insights page. The only way to achieve gender equality is to join forces, share ideas, amplify each other, and collaborate/coordinate and support each other to introduce these ideas into our workplaces and lives. Let’s transform our workplaces together. You have a partner in us.

We aim to amplify the work of incredible international DEI thought leaders. These experts will share thought provoking research, timely commentary and actionable steps to introduce in your workplace.

If you have an interest in diving deeper into the DEI world, to learn how to achieve the immense benefits from a diverse workforce and would like to learn how to become an inclusive champion and ally, our blog is made for you.

Our contributors are from all over the world and are recognized experts in their fields. Stay tuned as we dig into intersectionality, gender in disaster response, women in politics, gender and resource development, gender in international financial institutions, and the politics of homophobia, and much, much more…

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