Equity or Equality?

What’s the difference between Equity and Equality?

Equality does NOT mean same treatment.

According to the UN, UN Women, OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights), the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta, along with most other provinces and territories, the difference is accurately depicted below.

The first image shows how ineffective same treatment can be. The second image shows equitable treatment – the people are each given an equity measure according to their unique and diverse needs – much more effective. The third image shows the systemic barrier (ie, the fence) has been removed and all people can enjoy and watch the game equally.

We ALL benefit from equity measures and from equality. For instance, the equity measure of curb-cutouts to assist people with mobility issues not only just benefits people with mobility issues, but also benefits people with strollers, temporary mobility issues, children and elderly (to just name a few).

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