#GameChanger Sophia Fairweather

An Interview with Sophia Fairweather on Leadership and being a #GameChanger:

Q1. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

It was from my friend Annabelle, an 84-year-old African American retired entrepreneur. She told me “do not throw this privilege away, use it, build on it, and use it for good.

Q2. What inspired you to start a business while being so young?

Because I liked STEM and innovation, and both are a business, so it made sense. STEM does not get a lot of help like Sports and the Arts. Starting a business in STEM was one of the ways that I could work on my passion.

Q3. What is it like being a leader in a male-dominated industry, such as STEM?

Well, there are not a lot of girls and it is hard to get advice from others on this. But it is great to surprise others in the field with what I have done already.

Q4. What was the greatest obstacle that you have encountered and how did you overcome it?

My greatest obstacle has been my age and being taken seriously. So I just started doing the right thing like showing, doing, and asking questions and winning some adult awards. I believe that Innovation Does Not Discriminate.

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