Samara is a skilled designer and data analyst with a passion for using these skills to better the world around us.

At Canadian Equality Consulting, Samara uses her skills to support the team in many ways. With her statistics background, she is able to analyze survey results to uncover inequities, prepare change driving reports, and manage all things quantitative data. With her eye for design and architecture background, she creates all kinds of content for the team. This includes social media posts to amplify voices and topics, training slide decks, and final reports for clients.

Samara holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Actuarial Science with a Minor in Architecture from the University of Calgary. This unlikely combination is the perfect fit for her craving for problem solving and creativity. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Architecture at the University of Calgary where she looks forward to learning more about inclusive design with the hopes of one day designing communities where we can all thrive.

When Samara is not working she loves trying new recipes and exploring the outdoors.

DEI Assessments

A baseline assessment determines your current state of DEI and provides a thorough analysis of your diversity, intersectionality, gaps, risks, challenges and opportunities. Assessments provide you with actionable recommendations to make impactful positive change.