Jaycee Sundberg’s expertise is the psychological perspective of intersectional feminism and race and gender studies in North America.

Jaycee leads and supports her colleagues on their consulting projects, spearheads research into new ways to promote diversity and introduce equity into companies and help support CEC as a company that strives to make a difference in the professional lives of Canadians.

Her background is in psychology and non-for-profit management, and she has worked in a variety of settings including running groups for young women, supporting school aged children, and teaching newcomers to Canada. Through all of this she has focused her research on gender in Canada and bringing light to different perspectives from a variety of groups. This has included her presentation titled “The Changing Landscape of Gender in Canada; An Indigenous Conception of Gender”, that she presented at the annual Canadian Conference in Kassel Germany 2019.

She self-identifies a woman of mixed ethnic heritage, who is a part of the LGBTQ2S+ community, her lived experiences and relations to various minority groups have influenced her take on equity and diversity; as well as her values of honesty and promoting understanding. Her personal goals are to bring light to the black communities that have been an integral part of Canadian history for many generations in northern Alberta, and all over Canada.


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