About Marcie Hawranik, Founder and President

Marcie Hawranik is the recipient of the 2018 Alberta Premier’s Award of Excellence for her work to advance gender equality in Alberta. In 2019 she was recognized as a SHE Innovator by UN Women. She is an internationally recognized gender expert with a B.A. Hons. in Political Studies and a Master’s degree in International Relations focused on negotiation and conflict resolution. Her areas of expertise include gender equity, GBA+, diversity and inclusion, conflict resolution, public relations and communications, leadership development, stakeholder engagement, policy, program and strategy design, development and implementation.

Some key projects that Marcie has worked on include:

  • Creating the Alberta Status of Women ministry;
  • Creating and evaluating inclusive public consultations;
  • Designing effective government policies and processes (including parental leave, harassment, recruitment of women in underrepresented fields, entrepreneurship and women’s economic security policies);
  • Designing, creating and managing a provincial government grant program for non-profit and charitable organizations to advance gender equality;
  • Speaking and defending Alberta’s advancements towards gender equality to a United Nations panel and gender experts from the World Bank;
  • Delivering conflict resolution and inclusion tools trainings (including GBA+);
  • Conducting comprehensive Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Assessments for government, non-profits and the energy sector;
  • Designing, implementing and managing women in leadership resource groups, mentorship programs and various leadership workshops to government, companies and community organizations;
  • Co-Founding Madame Premier, a feminist political apparel company that aims to spark dialogue and amplify awareness on the lack of women in politics (www.madamepremier.ca).

She is very active in the community and is a member of various community, political and non-profit boards.

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Marcie is very familiar with the energy industry and can train and conduct gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) impact assessments, as part of a socio-economic impact assessment. Marcie has trained the Canadian Energy Regulator and the federal government in GBA+. She also previously worked with the Government of Alberta, where she led government relations and advocacy efforts in the United States for the energy sector. She is a strong advocate for pipeline construction, the economy, diversity and innovation in the industry, and in Alberta’s world-class environmental regulations. In this capacity, she worked closely with U.S. legislators, think tanks and media to translate Alberta’s message across the U.S. She has visited and met with oil sands workers all over Northern Alberta, touring numerous mining and in situ sites and has heard and seen first-hand the experiences of diverse individuals working in this sector and their experiences during the economic downturn. She is committed to help energy companies in Alberta excel and to harness their diversity into a sustainable business advantage.

Marcie understands the challenges that non-profits experience. She previously worked at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland and the international non-profit organization (NGO) Human Rights Watch. In this capacity, she led strategy development, campaigns and advocacy efforts on behalf of a coalition of NGOs at the United Nations.

Marcie has over a decade of experience with the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta. She has established employee resource groups, conflict management systems, mentorship and leadership development programs. Her career has spanned roles as a director and senior advisor to various Alberta Ministers. She was the architect of several Alberta strategies to gain pipeline approval in the U.S., the creation of the Status of Women ministry and the design and management of a catalytic government grant program. See Key Projects section for additional details.

Marcie also has considerable political experience as a gender equity and diversity policy and strategy advisor to several political candidates, party leadership contestants and party leaders.